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      Shenzhen Safari Park, built on the shore of Xili Lake with beautiful mountains and rivers, covers an area of more than 600,000 square meters. It is a free-range wildlife park. It integrates wildlife protection, exhibition, breeding and environmental science education. It has won the honorary title of "the best in China" awarded by the State Council. It is a national AAAAAA-level boutique scenic spot and a national science education base.
      There are more than 300 kinds of wild animals in the park, including giant pandas, giant anteaters, giraffes, Siberian tigers, ear foxes, African lions, Asian elephants, golden monkeys, Chinese alligators, dolphins, dolphins, lions and seals. Rare animals from all over the world gather here. "Panda Manor" National Treasure Selling, "Big Cat Passage" Tiger Sky Walking, "Beast Valley" Tiger and Lion Whistling, "Simian Islands" Gibbon and Golden Monkey Cross-shore Song, Swan Lake in a variety of swans free swimming, the "Jellyfish Kingdom" million jellyfish blossom, the "Ocean World" dolphin, sea lion seal dazzling, ice skating, and Africa Horn, Ant Eater Museum, Wild Elephant Valley, Kangaroo Park, Lemur Island, Crocodile Bay, Magellan Penguin Island... Exhibitions of high-quality goods are scattered everywhere. Land animals, marine animals double experience, so you can't catch your eyes!
      There are many wonderful performances in the park: The Art of the Big Animal Square, The Beast Festival, and the Marine Animal Opera, The Joyful Ocean, show the harmonious coexistence of human beings and animals. There are also the parrot acrobatics show in the bird show hall, the magic circus in the circus hall, the elephant science show in the wild elephant valley, the science popularization hall in the nature education center, the wild training of the Tiger Leaping Gorge beasts, the ethnic dance performance by the Swan lake, the mermaid dancing with sharks in the shark hall... Many wonderful performances!
      In recent years, Shenzhen Wildlife Park has also invested in the construction of amusement paradise and hydrophilic paradise. Dozens of animal models of large-scale fashionable mechanical amusement equipment and water projects, dazzling and popular.
      Seeing wildlife, visiting the ocean, playing with machinery and hydrophilic amusement park, Shenzhen Wildlife Park is a comprehensive animal theme park, which is a good choice for you and your family to interact closely.